What in world are ICD-10-CM codes?

ICD-10-CM codes are an important tool for professionals in the healthcare industry used to identify and report diagnoses.  These codes are the 10th revision of a list of medical classifications called the International Statistical Classification of Disease and Related Health Problems. The World Health Organization (WHO) developed and owns the extravagant list of 70,000+ codes.

What does an ICD-10-CM code look like?

Codes longer than 3 characters always have decimal point after first 3 characters

1st character is alpha

2nd character is numeric

3rd through 7th characters – alpha or numeric

7th character used in certain chapters (musculoskeletal, obstetrics, injuries, and external causes)

Examples: P09   S32.010A    O9A.211    M1A.0111

The codes look so complicated! Why do we need to use ICD-10-CM codes?

ICD-10-CM is an up to date classification system that enables providers to collect detailed data about their patients’ health.  The collected data can have many uses such as conducting research, tracking public health conditions, identifying fraud, and designing payment systems to process claims.

Can there really be ICD-10 codes for every possible diagnosis?

The circumstances that can require a person to visit their doctor or local hospital can be very distinctive. Because of this, there are more than 70,000 official ICD-10-CM codes that allow providers to record your exact illness, how you were injured, or even the cause of your death!

With all the wacky things that can lead to injuries, have you ever wondered, “Can there really be ICD-10-CM codes for everything?” The short answer to that is YES! If you don’t work with ICD-10-CM codes often, you might not realize just how funny, weird, or even unbelievable some of these codes sound.  

Team CPR, Inc. will be sharing one unique ICD-10-CM code per week with you as part of our new “Keep Calm and ICD-10 On” campaign.

You probably never thought that medical coding could be so entertaining!

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Introducing our first ICD-10-CM Code:V97.33XD