A Welcome from Our President

Shirley Walker, President of Team CPR

CPR has always been about collaborating with our clients and building solutions which work the best in the client’s individual situation.   When I started the company in 2010, my primary goals were to have relationships with our clients which went beyond just a client/vendor relationship, and to identify the things which were preventing clinics from being able to function as efficiently as they could.  Along with the vendor/client relationship, I wanted to recognize the efforts of our employees and provide a flexible work environment which helped them feel valuable and engaged.

We have recently refreshed our look and feel on the website, updated our logo and our domain name, and have implemented several behind-the-scenes changes to support you in your endeavors by helping our staff to be as efficient and responsive as possible to your needs.  We have enhanced our client services staff and are working on engagement plans for satisfaction surveys and other interaction tools which will help us to hear you even better as we grow.  As part of that mission, we are launching this blog series.  We hope you enjoy it, receive valuable information from it, and share it with your friends and colleagues.   

We work hard each day to earn the trust you’ve given us, and we’re excited for what the future holds. As always, you can reach out to any member of Team CPR, and we will put our expertise to work for you. Whether it’s billing, follow-ups, provider credentialing or something in between, we can help you eliminate that time and get back to doing what you love. Let us breathe new life into your business!

Questions or suggestions?  Reach out to Team CPR by phone at (501) 223-2776 or email me directly at Shirley.walker@team-cpr.com.