Team CPR, Inc. Help You Shine

Credentialing & Contracting

We have processes in place to minimize down-time due to credentialing or contracting issues, and our relationships with carriers ensure that problems are resolved with confidence.

Even if you’ve already handled the initial credentialing stages, most plans require a re-credentialing every two to three years, and we can handle that for you.

We remove the headache of dealing with all those phone calls and paperwork. These services are provided to our billing clients, and in many cases we can uncover and handle issues before you even know they exist. 

Medical Billing Services

Our medical billing team provides a vital service connecting health care providers, insurance companies, and their patients. Our services can be customized to fit your practice and its needs.  We handle services from Credentialing to Collections, including time consuming tasks like claim filing, payment posting, appeals, and follow-up.

Our goal is a quick turnaround time on each of your claims, thorough follow-through, and a complete and timely revenue cycle.

A/R is worked regularly and vigorously. All statement and collection questions will be handled by our office. You devote your time to seeing your patients; we'll handle the rest.


Our team designed Thrive as a Business to Business Networking location.  Call it your one stop shop to getting connected with the best local service providers.


As a client of Team CPR, Inc. you will have access to those valuable connections at no cost and with little effort on your part.


We have worked with each of these vendors directly. Many of them offer incentives to CPR clients, so be sure to tell them that you found them through us.

IT Services

Our IT staff is your IT staff. Not every office can hire a dedicated IT person on staff, but now you’ve got the next best thing. Our staff can handle equipment purchases, software setup, and functional issues you encounter day-to-day in your office, as well as routine maintenance issues.

Ask us how we can help.

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